minimalist's adventure in your hands

tiny proportions
73 x 43 x ~ 3,5 mm

I am active, my life is outdoor not on a phone´s display. As a free hiker I definitely want to keep a cell phone during hiking but I don´t need an additional burden. ZOXCALL FF is a phone that finally does not limit me.

I travel a lot and I am a tracker. Zoxcall is tiny, it fits anywhere, no one can take it from you easily. And recharging is super fast – I am back in game after a few minutes.

Zoxcall is like a piece of a puzzle – it fits into a USB slot without any cable. And I can use it in five minutes!

I used to be a scout, I know what to put in my first aid kit. ZOXCALL should be there – and it fits in there.

I´m photographer and I go shooting outdoor with my team often. We have a lot of luggage, so we definitely prefer tiny communicator you can keep in a chest pocket to huge multifunctional phone. Zoxcall works for us.

I always take ZOXCALL to formal evenings – sometimes you just want your jacket´s pockets flat. But keeping a phone during the evening is practical, when I drink I can order taxi easily via ZOXCALL phone.

immediate use

I´m interested in new technologies and gadgets, the explorer aspect is what I enjoy the most. Embedded SIM is not a standard, sadly, but ZOXCALL has it. And it goes exactly to the core of what a cell phone is supposed to be. I am free and I have things under my control.

You can have everything now with ZOXCALL. I buy it and call immediately, no complications. That´s what I call „mobile“ phone.

I don´t even try to count how many times my cell phone falls. It happens and I want to own the phone that is sturdy enough. ZOXCALL is quite durable, I don´t have to take care about it and feel free to have fun.

design and materials
for the phone cover

I bought Zoxcall for myself – then, my kids discovered it. Creating their own design for the phone´s cover was a great fun for them. I´m happy that there is the phone on a market which is cool and safe enough, at the same time. Win-win situation.

Someone has mistaken your phone for theirs and took it – does it sound familiar to you? I designed my own Zoxcall´s cover and it is fully customized. Nobody can take it by mistake now.

made in Czech Republic

Big fan of local production here! I buy food directly from farmers, for example. ZOXCALL FF was a clear choice – the phone straight from a source. And because I design the cover for myself, I basically became one of the ZOXteam members!

I bought a cell phone because I wanted to be in touch with a community. So I choose the phone made by people next door – ZOXCALL.

digital detox

Healthy lifestyle is important for me. I only want what´s good for me. When choosing a phone, level of electromagnetic smog is crucial. ZOXCALL passed the test and it´s way safer than other cell phones as well. No dilemma.

When I go camping, I want to take a break from digital world and really clean and calm my mind. The only electronics I take is my ZOXCALL – it´s safe when it comes to electromagnetic radiation, it does not disturb me and it´s always ready for emergency calls.

eight buttons for the most
important contacts

My job is to create solutions for complicated situations and I want my phone to do the same thing. That´s why I use ZOXCALL FF´s quick dial that much – no looking for contacts, just push one button and call immediately.

Quality over quantity, always, and especially when it comes to friends. I call the same numbers all the time, so button-contact system works great for me.

signals from the universe

I quite like ZOXCALL´s look. It reminds me spy-fi movies. It combines buttons and LED diodes in useful unit – and because of its size you can feel like an agent on a secret mission!

Technologies should improve people´s lives. My grandparents favor ZOXCALL – they push one button and dial, they see the diode signaling, then push one button and accept the call. It´s easy. They are not afraid of it, so we are talking more often.